So just who was Peggy and where did she come from?
Was Peggy’s Cove actually named after her?

Illustration by Ivan Fraser.

Illustrations by Ivan Fraser and David Preston Smith.

Illustration by David Preston Smith,
Dreamcatcher by Lynn Henry.

There are two versions of the Peggy’s Cove name story in existence.

The first is perhaps rather obvious, the cove known as Margaret’s Cove is because of its location at the entrance to St. Margaret’s Bay. When abbreviated, it becomes Peggy’s Cove, an area known the world-over for its scenic beauty, enticing tourists and visitors from near and far.

But is there more behind the name other than because of its location? Is there more of a romantic story that has been widely accepted but forgotten, such as a legend that has never been brought to life?

The simple answer is yes!

The second account of how Peggy’s Cove was named comes from a book ‘This is Peggy’s Cove,’ by local artist and sculptor William deGarthe who writes about a Schooner that was shipwrecked on Halibut Rock, off the Lighthouse Point in a terrible storm of sleet and fog on a very dark October night in the 1800’s. He tells that the ship ran hard aground and with high waves washing her decks everyone on board was lost except for a young woman, who managed to survive the turbulent seas, swam ashore and was finally rescued by the people on shore.
Her name was Margaret. After the tragedy she stayed in the area and went on to marry one of the men of the local area. People from near-by places used to say, “Let’s go see Peggy of the Cove,” and before long they began to call the place Peggy’s Cove.

Peggy of the Cove

Peggy of the Cove Music

Illustration by David Preston Smith.

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