Family Home Museum-Gallery

Just up the road from Peggy’s Cove is Glen Margaret, where local artist and storyteller, Ivan Fraser, opens his childhood family home as a museum and gallery.

Come and experience Ivan’s excitement while he weaves family history into Peggy’s magical charm and untold story. See the photograph that inspired him to write about Peggy along with many other beautiful pieces of photography and artwork, all from this talented local artist.

Interview by CTV

Take a step back in time in the ‘Peggy Room’ to see how she would have lived, learn how to blow a Peggy Whistle – not as simple as it sounds, and discover the many other treasures this wonderful museum-gallery has to share.

With Ivan’s daily guided tours you will not only learn all he has to share about Peggy, but you will find true hidden gems to see and explore at Peggy’s Cove through his free ‘Peggy of Peggy’s Cove’ Guide.

Hold onto your experience of ‘Peggy of the Cove’ by taking home a piece of the story and what could be better than one of Ivan’s wonderful books, stunning paintings or awe-inspiring photos. He will happily autograph and personalize his books and the limited edition hardback volumes are available only at the museum.

After your tour of the museum, why not relax in the sunshine and take advantage of the unique fun photo opportunities that Ivan has created. Climbing into the giant lobster trap, stepping aboard the dory, lifting the humongous anchor, or wearing a joyful smile while touching Peggy’s Happy Tree – you certainly won’t find these anywhere elsewhere.

For the nature lovers, experience the natural beauty of the area by climbing Fraser’s Hill which offers a breath-taking view of St. Margaret’s Bay. You might even be lucky enough to see local wildlife such as rabbits, deer, birds, raccoons, porcupines and a rare skunk, not to mention the odd pheasant. Occasionally you’ll hear a partridge drumming to his mate and often a Hermit Thrush can be heard singing its sweet melody in the early morning and late evening.

Entrance to the museum is free.